Understanding Cargo Capacity with IoT

Today’s cargo companies move an incredible amount of goods with great efficiency, but it can be difficult to understand what is going on in a closed truck bed or container. At Sitch, we use easily deployable cameras and Ai to provide real time analytical insight into cargo space and improve cargo capacity management.

What Sitch Vision does:

The modern cargo capacity management system

Real Time Observations

Cameras and computer vision make 3D observations in real-time

Automated Analysis

On-device Ai instantly analyses cargo capacity

Centralized Management

Sitch Control Panel centralizes data useful for fleet management, understanding allotments, and more

Easy Setup

IoT devices that are plug and play with simple installation and calibration

Centralized Management

Manage sensors, devices and administration from a single control panel

Real Time Monitoring

Monitor your trailer in real time for constant capacity updates

Cloud Managed

Cloud managed platform supports reliable, scalable and flexible solutions

On-device Computation

A more secure and reliable way to motor and analyze

Real Time Analytics

Leveraging state of the art computational methodologies to provide real time data

Sitch Ai Control Panel

A single platform that brings together all of Sitch Ai’s IoT sensors and connected devices for centralized management.

The Sitch Ai Control Panel connects data from IoT sensors to capture a digital picture of the real world. Written on an open API platform, Sitch is designed to connect everything together, including information from SitchAware, SitchTrack, SitchVision, third party platforms and more.