IoT to optimize your asset management

The use of mobile devices makes day-to-day life for organizations complex and expensive. Enterprise businesses, hospitals and educational institutions are able to do much more with today’s technology, but the added complexity can make things difficult to manage. At Sitch, we use powerful yet simple technology to help you manage your assets with real-time locating systems that can identify and track the location and status of objects and devices.

What Sitch Track does:

Real time locating system for tracking and asset management

Local Meshed Network

Runs in parallel on its own network – does not rely on WLAN

Real Time Tracking & Locating

Utilize multiple sensors for precise tracking of devices

Robust Device Information

Track and manage a rich set of device information like status and activity

Easy Setup

IoT sensors that are plug and play with simple installation and integration

Centralized Management

Manage sensors, devices and administration from a single control panel

Cloud Managed

Cloud managed platform supports reliable, scalable and flexible solutions

Real Time Tracking

Sensors monitor passively in real time so movements are tracked reliably at all times

Real Time Analytics

Leveraging state of the art computational methodologies to provide real time data

Real Time Monitoring

Monitor device status and information in real time for constant updates

Sitch Ai Control Panel

A single platform that brings together all of Sitch Ai’s IoT sensors and connected devices for centralized management.

The Sitch Ai Control Panel connects data from IoT sensors to capture a digital picture of the real world. Written on an open API platform, Sitch is designed to connect everything together, including information from SitchAware, SitchTrack, SitchVision, third party platforms and more.